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JProiCaptcha 5,00 €
JProiCaptcha plugin is a full feature secure Captcha plugin for Joomla! 3 forms. It's Joomla! R3EADY!  JProiCaptcha, allows you to protect your forms from spammers and bots while using Bootstrap framework.
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JProiCaptcha, from JPro Extensions, is a innovative user friendly secure Captcha plugin for Joomla!™ 3. It's Joomla!™ R3ADY!

JProiCaptchav3.0.5 allows you to protect your Joomla!™ 3+ forms from spammers and bots. When enabled, it renders automatically on all Joomla!™ system forms - user registration, password reminder, password reset, and contact forms. Joomla! 3 R3EADY!

Listed on Joomla!™ Official Extensions Directory here.


Options include

JProiCaptchais packed with several options that can be set on your Joomla!™ 3 back-end and with extra security layers for validation, to allow forms to be sent safely*:

With just a few lines of code, it can be set to work on any form and avoid spamming and bots to submit your website forms undesirably.
  • Set security level for JProiCaptcha system;
  • Select the number of buttons/icons to display;
  • Select the number of buttons/icons that the user must select to proceed;
  • Display predefined 8 styles for the JProiCaptcha or build you own;
  • Use custom button style NEW!since version 1.3.1;
  • NEW!buttons style live preview in back-end;
  • NEW!buttons size selection;
  • NEW!Add form submit limit with message or redirection;
  • NEW!Select your custom color for the icons in buttons;
  • Option to load a customized bootstrap css+js or full bootstrap framework to allow usage on non bootstrapped templates.
  • NEW!Increased security;

* Note: The security provided, as in any other Captcha systems, only prevents and not completely disables the possibility of spammers and bots from hacking online forms, thus, the security provided allows the prevention and is not mended to function as a bullet proof system.

Usage examples

A simple case study:
Users usually find traditional captchas to "annoying" and most of the times extremely difficult to read.

  • JProiCaptcha relies on visual icon discover, which becomes faster and less confusing for a human to assimilate.
  • The user has just to select (click) the correct buttons with icons according with what is asked to select.
  • Less time deciphering returns in less time to actually submit the form and with lower error returns possibilities.
  • By reducing the time and the errors, your users will, buy, contact, register, etc. faster than with traditional captchas.

In summary, your users/clients get less stressed and enjoy the user friendliness of your website!

Example of JProiCaptcha buttons

Note:Colors and the number of buttons are just for demo purposes as you can use your own settings. For live example, please view the demos.
To prove you are human, please select the icons:
Star ,Envelope andTrash
Submit the form


JProiCaptchais Joomla!™ 3 R3EADY. Minimum requirements are:
  • the same for Joomla! 3+ versions
  • a template that meets Joomla!™ bootstrap is recommended although not absolutely important
Depending on the template used, you may want or need to adjust the JProiCaptchabuttons' style and for this you have the options on the JProiCaptcha administration area.
Languages in package: English (en-GB)

Demos & Documents

For more information, please read the available documentationfor JProiCaptcha.

Demos: you can see working demos here, or on the demo site here.


Screenshots & Videos


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