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Server maintenance schedule for Feb. 21st

Our web hosting company has scheduled an overall maintenance on the data center to perform a few hardware and network improvements on their servers. Our websites will be down for about an hour on the 21st of February from 23h00 UTC to 00h00.

During the above period the websites will not be accessible and for which we ask for your understanding, but the servers maintenance is aimed to ensure stability, security and improve network accessibility.

Thank you

JPro Extensions Support Team

Community Translations on GitHub

GitHubJPro Extensions is now on GitHub

We have made available to the community a translation repository where users can contribute to the community by translating the extensions files and keeping them updated easily.

Our repository on GitHub is named extension_translations and if you're used to contribute to other projects on GitHub, it'll be an easy task, otherwise, in a couple of minutes, by reading GitHub's instructions, you can start contributing and if you have any doubt, just let us know.


Website speed

If you're a returning user, you've probably noticed that our website response has become, sometimes, quite slow. This is due to a server memory issue that our hosting company is trying to solve in due time.

We've reported this problem, that doesn't affect the general accessibility of the website, but at some time during the internet access peaks, my result in some page loading delay. Note that this has nothing to do with the website framework, design or code, but only to the server memory capacity.

As mentioned above, this problem is being solved by our hosting company and soon our website speed will get back to the values that we, and you, consider to be optimal.

Thank you for your understanding

JPro Extensions support team

Keep the good things going

We have been working on new extensions, that will be launched soon, and also on custom extensions development for some of our clients that require a great level of customization and features for their websites. 

Meanwhile, with lots of things being discussed among Joomla!™ development, on updates for the platform and cms, we are absorbing all what's happening in order to prepare for any changes in Joomla!™ that may have some kind of impact on our already published extensions. In this case, if we find that something needs to be adjusted to meet some of the new Joomla!™ changes, we will update the current versions and, as usual, notify all our clients for the updates and free downloads.


Service breakdown

Yesterday, March 10, 2013, our sites were unavailable due to a major service breakdown in our web hosting company.


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