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Keep the good things going

We have been working on new extensions, that will be launched soon, and also on custom extensions development for some of our clients that require a great level of customization and features for their websites. 

Meanwhile, with lots of things being discussed among Joomla!™ development, on updates for the platform and cms, we are absorbing all what's happening in order to prepare for any changes in Joomla!™ that may have some kind of impact on our already published extensions. In this case, if we find that something needs to be adjusted to meet some of the new Joomla!™ changes, we will update the current versions and, as usual, notify all our clients for the updates and free downloads.

Another work that is in progress is the documentation for our extensions. We will start including, in future versions, some instructions for our clients to be able to customize and translate their purchased extensions. This is especially aimed to some of our customers that don't have that experience and knowledge to perform with confidence some simple customization of their purchased extensions.

Always good to remind that our support is available to our users and we are proud to know that this has been one of the most highlighted value in the Joomla!™ Official Extensions Directory (JED) comments/feedback on our extensions. Also to thank the people who have taken a couple of minutes to rate and review our extensions on JED.

So let's keep the good things going and feel free to contact us whenever you feel the need to do so.

Thank you!


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