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JProNoHitCount is the long awaited plugin that allows you to disable hit count on articles for users belonging to specific groups for Joomla!™ 2.5+ and 3+. It's Joomla!™ R3ADY!

extension name: JProNoHitCount
current version: 1.0.3
previous versions: 1.0.0 - 1.0.2
languages: en-GB
included in package: n/a
demos: n/a
type: plug-in
release date: November 2012
updated on: August 31, 2013
compatibility: Joomla!™ 2.5 Joomla!™ 3 R3EADY!
min. requirements: Joomla!™ 2.5 and 3+
Gantry framework ready
download : JProNoHitCount

Listed on Joomla!™ official Extensions Directory here.



What is JProNoHitCount

JProNoHitCount is the long awaited plugin that allows you to disable hit count on articles for users belonging to specific groups and robots visits.

JProNoHitCount is compatible with Joomla!™ versions 2.5+ and 3.0+. It's Joomla!™ R3ADY!

JProNoHitCount content plugin selectively disables articles' hit counts when the user or users, assigned to specific groups, visit the articles on the front end of your website. This is a very useful system, especially when editing articles on the front end of your Joomla!™ website.

In terms of compatibility, meaning that the JProNoHitCounter will also disable hit counts in other extensions, the following, beyond Joomla!™ com_content (articles) component, have been tested with positive results: JoomShopping and Kunena.

The new version 1.0.3 includes a list of over 300 known robots and a custom field to add new bots. If the option is set to exclude, these robots visits will not be counted.

Installation, updates and upgrades

How to install the JProNoHitCount plugin

It's a one step install plugin, than can be configured in less than 10 seconds!! Just select the group or groups, enable the plugin and you're ready to go! (see below).


Configuring the backend options

JProNoHitCount allows you to perform basic configuration on your Joomla!™ plugins administration area.

There are two configuration tabs - Details | Basic options. Although there's only need to configure the Basics you will need to set additional configuration as in any other plugin, in order to get the plugin to be called in the specific areas for which it was designed to work. Each option has a description of it as you hover your mouse over the field label.

In the Basic Options tab you have the following plugin specific options:

 - Disable hit count - Select the user group or groups that will not increment the article hits in the front-end.Select the maximum number of buttons that will be visible for selection.
 - Disable "Bots" count - This option allows you to disable hit counts from robots, based on a list of over 300 known robots. Default is Yes..
 - Custom robots list - Add new robots (bots) identifier to the already packed list. IMPORTANT: the identifiers must be comma separated and conform to the robots user agent identifier string. Ex: Googlebot..

You're good to go and the JProNoHitCount plugin should now be ready to disable hit counts from the assigned user groups when visiting the front end articles


Rendering JProNoHitCount in your front-end Joomla!™ site

The plugin auto loads if it is enabled, so you only see the hit counter not incrementing if, of course, you belong the assigned groups!

Tips & Tricks

A few simple tips and tricks

You can assign multiple groups (CMD + click on Mac OS or CTRL + click on Windows for Joomla!™ 2.5 and on Joomla!™ 3, just select from the dropdown) and hit counts will be disabled to all users belonging to each of the assigned groups.


Please read the LICENSE.TXT that ships with the JProNoHitCount plugin package





The plugin ships with the default English (en-GB) translation files that are located in the following directory in your Joomla!™ website:

  • /administrator/language/en-GB/

You can check our GitHub page and see if there are already other community translations for the component and the language you want. If not, you can create your own following Joomla!™ translation guidelines that you can read here.
Then, if you wish, you can contribute to the community and fork our translations repository from GitHub and make a pull request.


(1) - Note: On Joomla!™ versions prior to 3.1.4, there is a restriction for the configuration multiple field type, there should always be a group set. Empty or null is not allowed, so if you don't want to assign groups, please disable the JProNoHitCount plugin and all the hits will be counted again, otherwise, just let JProNoHitCount enabled and do it's great function. This restriction does no longer happens on Joomla!™ 3.1.5 and above.

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