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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does JPro Extensions provide?
JPro Extensions provides, beyond general extensions development, consultancy, customized extensions and software development, web development, software and extensions testing and reporting and project management.
We also develop non Joomla!™ software and customized web development projects for our clients. Please use our contact form to send us any inquiries about specific projects and or extension development that you may need. 

Why are not all JPro Extensions extensions free?
The main reason for some of the extensions to be paid, although the price as you may notice is quite insignificant, is that we do support our clients with no extra charges or subscription plans! You buy an extensions and you'll have all our full support according with the terms and conditions accepted.
This said, JPro Extensions customer support consumes time and resources to be able to answer, on time, to all the support inquiries that we receive, without, as stated before, any additional charges. As for the free extensions, the support is limited, as you may understand, that we have to, first, answer our loyal customers questions and provide them the best support they expect. 

Are the free downloads unlimited?
Yes, free downloads are unlimited. This means that you may download the free extension as many times as you need, but please, due to bandwidth restrictions that may occur, the system may block consecutive downloads form your IP address.

When will I be able to download the non free extension?
As stated in the "Payments" faq area, only the PayPal™ payments will be immediately ready for download, after a successful transaction. Wire transfer payments need to be confirmed first and after that, the system will notify you that the download is available and send you the link for download.

Do you offer support for the extensions?
Yes, JPro Extensions offers support to all our extensions that are in the LTS (Long Term Support) cycle. In the extensions repository and documentation, the versions that become out of the LTS cycle, are marked in red with "LTS cycle closed". This means that we no longer support those specific versions, either due to version updates or extensions has become discontinued.

The support is also related with extension specific issues that you may encounter and not with user customization and/or templating. Customization and/or templating is a paid service, which means that, after evaluation of the requirements, we will issue an estimate and after payment, the agreed work will be done.

JPro Extensions performs extensive tests before the release is considered stable and is available for download. This does not mean that bug cannot be found, and thus, we will make all efforts to check and update the extension for any possible bugs encountered.

How can I make a support request?
You may always ask for support by using our contact form here, selecting the "Support" department, specify the extension you're asking support for and if the case, supply your order number in the appropriate field.
As of today, we do not run any support forum, although this option is being considered for a near future, so we will answer support requests individually and based on the critical status of the questions.
(please note that, despite working on average 18h/day, we are in WET timezone (Western European Timezone) or GMT +0:00)



SecurityJPro Extensions does not sell it's extensions on third party websites. Any website offering JPro Extensions products for sale are not licensed versions and must be considered scam.

Downloading JPro Extensions products from file sharing websites, like rapidshare, torrents and others, may pose your systems integrity in high risk as they may contain viruses and/or malicious code that may be extremely dangerous. Examples are database deletion, passwords, credit card and other sensitive information theft.

The prices of our extensions licenses are extremely low for you to risk your system, and the one place to purchase them is only here, at www.jproextensions.com!

 Just use it!

Which payment methods do you accept?
We currently only accept PayPal™ and wire transfer payments. We acknowledge PayPal™ as very secure and efficient method and so we recommend it for all transactions up to a limit that is specified during the checkout process.
Paying with PayPal™ also ensures you that, on a successful transaction, you may download the extension immediately, while wire transfer payments, will have to be confirmed first before you can download the extension. Notifications are sent in each case.

Why priced extensions aren't lower than €1.00?
We accept PayPal™ payments, which allows you the comfort of paying directly and securely online. PayPal™ has standard fees that we have to support for each transaction and that we don't charge our clients. In some cases, for us, the revenue is almost null, but we still believe that PayPal™ offers the best and most secure online transaction system.

What are donations?
We strongly believe that donations help and allow the distribution of free software. Developing software takes time, knowledge and resources, and in good faith, we believe that by making some extensions free, we are contributing to the community. Whenever as donation is made, we issue a coupon to the user, for the same value that was donated, as a way of saying thank you. These coupons are, generally, valid for the period of one month and can be redeemed on the checkout process.

And what about refunds?
Please read the Terms and Conditions document for clarification about this subject.

I haven't received the confirmation emails
Our email notification system has no delays, which means you should receive your confirmation emails within a few seconds. So, first, you should check your email spam box. Some email systems may put our emails inside your spam box, despite that JPro Extensions does not send spam.
Anyway, if you aren't sure or still didn't receive the email, please do contact us and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

Do you send invoices?
Yes, every transaction is subject to an invoice issuing. The first order confirmation document that you receive is not a valid VAT invoice, but solely a proof of payment. You will have to reply to send us your VAT valid data so that we may issue the VAT valid final invoice.

Do you run an update server for automatic updates?
No, we currently find that, for security reasons, the updates using an updating server do not serve our, and our clients, best interests.
Every time that there is a version update, we will notify, by email, all our customers that have purchased or licensed that specific extension, and send them the appropriate download link for the update.

Should I have any privacy concerns while visiting your website?
No, we fully respect the privacy of our visitors and registered users or clients. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy document here

I haven't received the confirmation emails
Our email notification system has no delays, which means you should receive your confirmation emails within a few seconds. So, first, you should check your email spam box. Some email systems may put our emails inside your spam box, despite that JPro Extensions does not send spam.
Anyway, if you aren't sure or still didn't receive the email, please do contact us and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

Which languages are available in your extensions?
All our extensions run on the english (en-GB) standard. If translations are available for other languages, the documentation and download area of the specific extension will state so in the "Translations" section of the document.

Can I translate the extension?
Yes, you are free to translate your licensed and free downloaded extensions.

Translate on GitHub
Our extensions ship with the default English (en-GB) translation files

You can check our GitHub page and see if there are already other community translations for the component and the language you want. If not, you can create your own following Joomla!™ translation guidelines that you can read here.
Then, if you wish, you can contribute to the community and fork our translations repository from GitHub and make a pull request.


Are your extensions approved by JED?
We submit 99% of our extensions, free and commercial, to the Joomla!™ Extensions Directory (JED). After the JED approval time, and on successful approval, the extensions will be listed on JED and we will state this in the respective extension documentation and download area.

Which type of extensions and versions do you support and develop?
JPro Extensions extensions compatibility are specific to each and every release. Some extensions might be compatible with Joomla!™ versions from 1.5 up to 3+. Mainly, we are focused on Joomla!™ 3.0+ development and in some cases, when possible, we make the extension compatible with Joomla!™ 2.5+.
The core of our extension development production is on Components, Modules and Plugins, and on specific projects we also produce and/or implement templates and other software.

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