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JProEasyContact 7,50 €
JProEasyContact module is a full feature secure contact module for Joomla! 3. It's Joomla! R3EADY!JProEasyContact, allows you to render a responsive easy and beautifully simple contact module on your Joomla! 3 website.
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JProEasyContact, from JPro Extensions, is a full featured secure contact module for Joomla!™ 3. It's Joomla!™ R3ADY!

Now with JProiCaptcha included in package!

JProEasyContact allows you to render a responsive easy and beautifully simple contact module on your Joomla!™ 3 website. The module auto fits even on mobile devices, without loosing any functionality and can be integrated inside your Joomla!™ articles*!

JProEasyContact uses JPro Extensions innovative and proprietary JProiCaptcha captcha plugin system, included in package, to work on Joomla!™ 3 with twitter Bootstrap framework. Joomla! 3 R3EADY!

Listed on Joomla!™ Official Extensions Directory here.


Options include

JProEasyContact is packed with several options that can be set on your Joomla!™ 3 back-end and with extra security layers for validation, to allow safe contacts to be sent:
  • New! Use JProiCaptcha captcha plugin system (included in package);
  • New! Real time update information system;
  • New! Normal and update stylesheets;
  • New! Minified jQuery and;
  • Set security level for JProCaptcha system;
  • Select Text or Html format;
  • Use also Joomla!™ validate;
  • Use pre and pos text for the module;
  • Allow specific email address to be used as the contact recipient;
  • Option for "Copy me";
  • Custom "Thank you" message;
  • Custom email footer content;
  • Default optional subjects loaded as user types in the message subject;

Included in package:
JProiCaptcha captcha plugin by JProExtensions

* Note: to integrate JProEasyContact inside your articles, you need to have installed the JProLoadModArticles that you can purchase here

Usage examples

A simple case study:
A contact form anywhere in your Joomla!™ website.

  • Being JProEasyContact a module, it allows you to set where you want to display it, along with other content.
  • You set, for instance, that the module should be displayed next to every page of your online shop.
  • This allows you to always keep a handy way of the user to submit, safely, any questions related to products or services.
  • As user submits the inquiry, the module will return to the same page where the user was, with a confirmation/thank you message.
  • This way, you don't loose your user focus on what he/she was visiting

In summary, you have your contact form, always handy when and wherever you want.



JProEasyContactis Joomla!™ 3 R3EADY. Minimum requirements are:
  • the same for Joomla! 3+ versions
  • a template that meets Joomla!™ bootstrap requirements
Depending on the template used, you may want or need to adjust the JProEasyContact layout and for this you have the stylesheets that allows you to perform this, although not always needed.
Languages in package: English (en-GB)

Demos & Documents

For more information, please read the available documentation.

Demos: you can see a working demo here for on the demo site here.


Screenshots & Videos


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